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 A day in da life of me

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A day in da life of me Empty
PostSubject: A day in da life of me   A day in da life of me EmptyMon Apr 11, 2011 10:28 am

6:00am - Breakfast
6:15am - Go outside to look fer mice
7:00am - Play with mousie in driveway
8:00am - Back inside for a quick snack
8:15am - Bop the doggie on his big stupid nose
8:16am - Go outside to look fer mice
10:30am - Puke up mouse on doorstep
11:00am - Have snooze
Noon - Still snoozing
1:00pm - Continue snooze
1:30pm - Go outside to look fer mice
1:45pm - Stare at other kitty
2:00pm - Kill small bird and leave it on the hood of the car
2:30pm - Disappear
4:30pm - Reappear, ignore everyone
4:45pm - Stare at other kitty
5:00pm - Have din-dins
5:15pm - Go down to basement, get left behind, then cry at the door until someone comes to kitty's rescue
5:30pm - Bop doggie
5:31pm - Snooze
6:30pm - More snooze
7:30pm - Race around house with doggie
7:45pm - Stare at other kitty
8:00pm - Eat more din-dins
8:15pm - Snooze
8:45pm - Play in litter box. Kick as much litter on floor as possible.
9:00pm - Insist on going outside, then vanish
2:00am - Insist on coming back inside, vanish until morning.
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A day in da life of me
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