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 Please help me fix my synopsis revised 07/02

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Please help me fix my synopsis revised 07/02 Empty
PostSubject: Please help me fix my synopsis revised 07/02   Please help me fix my synopsis revised 07/02 EmptyTue Jun 14, 2011 4:39 pm

I've posted my synopsis on a few other boards and have received many suggestions for improvements. I welcome anything anyone might have to say here about this submission.


After two unsuccessful digs, one in Israel and one in Tunisia, archaeologist ERIN MATHEWS is facing the loss of funding for future digs and the dreadful prospect of going back to teaching. Her current excavation, in the silt-filled seaport of ancient Ephesus, is also turning out to be a bust. The arrival of her boyfriend CRAIG JOHNSON an ex-CIA agent, does little to raise her spirits. But when she learns that a boat she and her team are excavating may contain scrolls rescued from the storied great library at Alexandria, everything changes. Her quest for these historic artifacts becomes the adventure of her life.

Mossad operative REBECCA SCHULER, sanctioned to work in Turkey, is tracking the mysterious Cult of Tanit. This group, that traces its roots to the founding of Carthage, is also after the scrolls. Cult members believe their ancestors rescued invaluable artifacts when the library was burned in 48 BC. The Mossad believes the Cult wants the scrolls to fund terrorist actions in Israel.

A group of renegade Cult members begin a series of attacks to stop Erin. Further complicating her plans, an Egyptian, dispatched by his government’s Department of Antiquities, is sent to claim the treasure for his country. Erin’s colleague is seen making a deal with this man and is murdered by rogue Cult members. The murder prompts Craig to talk Erin into giving up her dig, but she is determined to make the discovery to rescue her failing reputation.

Even with the involvement of the local police, Cult members find ways to thwart Erin’s efforts. They break into a storage shed, where discovered relics are stored and there is a malicious nocturnal disruption of the dig site. As upsetting as these events are they do not prevent Erin from continuing her search. The Cult’s actions escalate to car chases, blackmail, a ransacking of Erin’s hotel room and even armed assaults.

In a frenzied attempt to locate the treasure before anyone is hurt, Erin directs her team to dig in the debris field where artifacts from the boat are soon discovered. Certain she is days away from finding the scrolls, Erin enlists the aid of Craig and Rebecca to help with the excavation. Soon sixteen crates, clearly of Egyptian origin, are uncovered.

With permission from Turkish authorities, Erin begins the delicate task of opening the first treasure chest. The Cult leader, desperate to take title to the scrolls, appears at the site where he is quickly placed under arrest. While Erin breaks an ancient seal and works through the heavy waterproof lining of the first box, Cult members launch one last vicious attack. The deadly assault is brought to an end by a large team of police, aided by both Craig and Rebecca.

At last, with the representative from Egypt, the handcuffed Cult leader, Turkish authorities and of course Erin’s graduate students all looking on, the contents of the chests are revealed. Erin’s excitement is uncontrollable as she removes one ancient scroll after another. Her wildest dreams have been realized – a fantastic history making discovery of lost knowledge from the ancient world.

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Please help me fix my synopsis revised 07/02
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