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 General Etiquette Quidelines

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PostSubject: General Etiquette Quidelines   General Etiquette Quidelines EmptySat Feb 05, 2011 9:51 am

Ten Tips for a Happy Forum

1) If you're critiquing someone's work, always try to say something positive, even if their writing is truly terrible. It takes guts to put yourself out there like that, especially when you're just starting out.

2) Try to welcome new members, even if you're a new member yourself. You might make a life-long friend. If you're an established member, don't lord it over the n00bs, please.

3) Please refrain from dominating the board. If every thread ends with one of your posts, there might be a problem.

4) Bullying is forbidden. You know what bullying is, so I really shouldn't have to explain it.

5) Swearing is actually allowed. I've already changed most major swear words to something harmless so it won't actually show up as what you typed. Wink But please don't try to get creative with symbols to imitate an obscenity. This forum is open to people as young as twelve, and while they've probably already heard every bad word in the universe on the school bus, I'd really prefer that they didn't learn that stuff here.

6) Promoting your website/book/self/etc is permitted, but it must be contained to the correct thread.

7) If someone does break a rule, please don't lynch them. An occasional minor infraction isn't worth getting all that worked up over. Just bring it to my attention and I'll handle it.

8) Do I have to tell you that pornographic or racist material is also forbiddden? Not only is it completely uncivilized, but our hosts will shut us down if they see that shizzle.

9) Please don't plagiarize. If you're providing content from another site, please provide a link so we know it isn't yours.

10) No genre is better than another. They all sell well. Don't be a book snob, it won't make you any friends.

In conclusion, be kind, be supportive, be open to different writing voices, and be yourself.
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General Etiquette Quidelines
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